Skip Seeding. Forget Watering. Stop Mowing.


Are you looking to improve the aesthetic look of your lawn? Tampa Turf & Artificial Grass is is the leading provider of synthetic turf in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.  We offer high-quality turf products and services for residential, commercial and investment properties. Our synthetic grasses are guaranteed to last much longer than any other product on the market today. With over 20 different variations, we have something for everyone’s needs! 

As people’s lives get busier, it is often difficult  to find time to complete all the household chores for inside and outside the home. Are you tired of mowing your lawn? Mowing the lawn can be quite time consuming, taking you away from many other important tasks and even family time. This is why synthetic grass also known as “fake turf” or “artificial grass,” has become more and more popular in recent years for both residential, commercial and professional use alike.

Artificial grass originally started out as a solution for golf courses and expensive football fields, but nowadays homeowners and businesses are using fake lawns for their front, back and side yards as well – after all we want our homes to be green if not greener than ever before (especially with summer right around the corner). Our products are designed to be long-lasting and low maintenance, so you can enjoy your yard all year round without worrying about watering or fertilizing. We offer many different types of artificial grasses that will suit any need. Whether it’s a backyard playground, commercial space or athletic field we have what you need!

We are a full service artificial grass installation company. Our team of experts can help you with any project big or small. Don’t feel like you’re wasting your money on lawn care that never gets the results you’re truly looking for and that will last all year long.  Artificial turf is the perfect solution for a greener, more affordable lifestyle. Our synthetic grass doesn’t require any watering or mowing and it can be installed in as little as one day. There’s no better way to go green than with our premium artificial turf that will last you up to 30 years without fading away like natural grass does after only 5-7 years of use.You’ll never have to worry about watering again! The fake grass system includes an infill that holds water so it doesn’t evaporate as quickly as natural grass does. This means less time spent on lawn maintenance and more time doing the things you love! Plus, our artificial turf is made from 100% recycled materials – so not only are you saving the environment but also your wallet too!

Do you want to save time and money on your lawn care?

Are you looking to not spend your precious time and money on maintaining your lawn when you know there’s got to be an easier way? Synthetic turf requires very little upkeep – no mowing, no watering, no fertilizing – just occasional vacuuming to remove debris and pet hair. It also has the added benefits of being environmentally friendly and safe for children with allergies or asthma. With our help, you’ll never have to worry about water restrictions again! 

Yes, you could spend hours mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. Or, instead of polluting your lungs with gas fumes from a gas-powered machine or wasting water on hoses that run dry in hot weather (both cases happen all too often), artificial grass is an environmentally-friendly solution to both problems while relieving homeowners of their constant attention requirements as well!

If you are tired of spending hours bent over at the waist just to keep up appearances during summer heat waves when our green spaces turn into barren patches; if drudgery has set in because there’s never time for anything else but doing what needs done around here–you should consider giving yourself some relief by installing our top of the line materials. And best of all, you’ll never have to worry because artificial grass looks great all the time, no matter what!

As the premier provider of artificial turf and synthetic grass in the Tampa Bay Area, we are proud to offer an array of services that can make any outdoor space more beautiful and functional. Our products are perfect for commercial spaces like golf courses and putting greens, schools, parks, playgrounds and jungle gyms, apartment complexes, dog parks, rooftop lounges, outside office areas, residential homes, around the pool and much more. They’re also great for pet owners who don’t want to worry about their pets ruining their lawns with urine or feces. 

With so many options and benefits, artificial turf is more than just fake grass. It’s an entire landscaping system that includes preparation of the ground where it will be installed on, drainage through the synthetic backing material for easy water run off to prevent flooding during heavy rainfall events, infill used to keep blades from sagging into mud pits in between installs which can cause damage too blade joints with time as well as fibers creating thicknesses for better aesthetics. 

You can call artificial turf a material that is used in the manufacturing of surfaces for sports and other recreational areas. Synthetic, or fake, grass gives you an alternative to natural lawns without all the maintenance required by organic vegetation.

South Florida residents deserve lush green spaces that are easy to maintain while saving energy costs at home too! We’re committed to bring your synthetic turf needs from start to finish at competitive prices so call us today for more information on how we can help make this happen for you!

Whether you’re looking to install synthetic turf for patios, nearby fairways, brandishing offices, or the local jungle gym, our talented team has the perfect solution to fit your needs with your budget closely in mind. Servicing, Hillsborough and the Tampa Bay region, we additionally cater to our neighbors in Pasco County (including Wesley Chapel and Trinity) Hernando County (including Brooksville), Sarasota County (including Lido Key), Collier County (including Naples), Lee County (including Cape Coral), Manatee County (including Longboat Key) and even Polk County (including Lakeland).

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Getting excellent artificial turf doesn’t need to come at the greatest expense. We work with industry-driving makers to deliver a predominant quality item, fit to be introduced by our accomplished landscaping subject matter experts. Setting aside our clients cash. We invest all the energy and bother of introduce manufactured grass.


With many years experience in the industry, our installers have the knowledge, skillset and expertise to take on any job big or small, residential or commercial. Our trusted technicians will walk you through every step of the way answering all your questions and concerns that may arise while guiding to help determine the best solution for your desired outcome. 

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Zero Upkeep Required

Commercial Turf

Free your weekends from grueling time consuming yard work and enjoy the benefits of maintenance free lawn.

Kid & Pet Friendly

Artificial Pet Grass

Both children and pets will love the love feel of your new care free grass. Pets can still do their business and kids will in from playing free of grass stains.

100% Durability

Artificial Pet Grass Tampa

With more than 20 years of experience, you can expect only top notch quality craftsmanship. Athletes will greatly appreciate the manufactured sport turfs from Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass.

Styles For Every Project


Accomplish the ideal look and feel of real grass without all the hassle and upkeep. Regardless of whether residential, commercial or investment property, we offer a multitude of distinct surfaces and style decisions.


Residential Synthetic Lawns

When you're free time is precious and you're tired of mowing the lawn yourself or paying for weekly lawn care, we have the perfect no maintenance lawn care solutions for you.

Commercial Turf

Whether you’re working with bare ground or on landscaping that needs updates, our team can help you install artificial turf that meets all of your specifications for any project big or small.

Artificial Turf for Sport Courts

Used for both indoor and outdoor venues, our synthetic turf solutions have been used for many years now at semi-professional, professional, amateur and collegiate sporting venues through out the state.

Grass Putting

Proudly offering a wide variety of synthetic surfaces for every game and golfer. Our golf application solutions are used by amateurs, pros and instructors worldwide.

Artificial Pet Grass

We offer pet friendly solutions that offer a safe clean environment your pets will love with the same look and feel as real grass.

Rooftop Landscaping

For many buildings, the roof is an important, functional component that adds additional space to entertain or gather. Let us set the foundation with our premium products

What Are Some Of The Benefits To Using Fake Grass?

Eliminates Puddling

Shade Is Not An Issue

Safe for Children and Pets

Doesn’t Require The Need For Harsh Fertilizers

Great for Recreational and Sporting Areas 

Drought Resistant


Artificial Turf For Sport Courts

Falls during sports are nearly unavoidable. Whether you’re stretching to set a volleyball or dribbling down a soccer pitch, your balance may fail you, resulting in fall. Falling on hardwood or bare ground could lead to bruises, sprains and even broken bones. Thankfully, you can reduce the amount of severity of injury arising from falls by installing artificial turf on your sport courts. At Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass, we provide homeowners and businesses with state-of-the-art athletic courts, with additional layers of protection to prevent injury.

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