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A commercial building is only as impressive and welcoming as the outdoor space around it. If the grass areas surrounding your facility are not in the best state, then it’s easy to guess that your entire aesthetics will fatally suffer. Our artificial turfs deliver an incredible return on your investment by offering you significantly lower maintenance costs while sticking with the highest quality standard. Our installation is quick and easy. 

Keeping your lawn healthy and looking great demands consistent lawn care services that are attentive to details. You’ll want to schedule regular lawn care appointments for your turf throughout the seasons in order to keep it looking its best. Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass can vastly improve the appearance of commercial property and provide you with a reliable service that can be counted on when it counts.
Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass provides commercial property owners with an excellent service, and can be relied on when it counts. In order to keep the lawn healthy during all seasons, consistent care is a must. You’ll want to schedule regular appointments throughout the year in order to maintain your turf’s health and keep it looking its best. Tampa Turf is a great option for commercial property owners, as they can vastly improve the appearance of your business.

Premium Commercial Landscaping Installations

As the owner or manager of a commercial property, you already know the importance of curb appeal in attracting customers to your physical store. One of the primary factors that affect the curb appeal of your property is its landscape. While an aesthetically appealing landscape draws customers in, a poorly-maintained, low quality exterior drives them away. For this reason, every commercial property needs to prioritize an appropriate, sustainable and inviting landscaping design.

Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass  has worked with businesses of all sizes and industries for several years for their commercial landscape installation needs. Our experienced team works with property owners and contractors alike to deliver safe commercial turf installation services within budget and time-frames.

Our expert staff will create an exceptionally admirable outdoor area that will be the first impression of your business or a point of interest to attract customers into your business. To achieve this, we carefully inspect your property and its overall landscape. This helps us to come up with a thoughtful design, which involves a critical evaluation of your space. We will manage every step of the exterior layout process and recommend the best project of commercial turf that’s perfect for your property. You can rest assured that we will install an artificial grass lawn that will meet and even exceed your expectations.

New Landscape Installation

Whether you’re working with bare ground or on landscaping that needs updates, our team can help you install artificial turf that meets all of your specifications and expectations. We will guide you through every phase of the installation process, from brainstorming to installation. Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass can work with any design idea, creating a plan that brings your imagination of a lush, green and inviting lawn to reality.

We understand that many property owners and managers are working on a limited budget. We will work closely with you to ensure costs and expectations are clearly specified so you can work within your financial plan and get the most value out of your commercial turf installation investment.

Why Choose Us?

Artificial turfs come in many types, sizes and styles, and the commercial lawn installation company you hire should be able to recommend the best product for your commercial property. Choosing the right company with the right experience and expertise will affect not only how your property looks, but also how quickly they can install your turf and the cost associated with the service. At Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass, we recommend the best product for our clients based on the size of your property, your budget and the extra features.

Let our team of professionals at Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass provide you with the best commercial lawn installation service that you deserve. We are flexible and responsive to your needs and will help you create a truly amazing and visually inviting lawn.

FAQs About Our Turf

Do you allow your business to go without proper care and maintenance? If so, you are risking a lot. According to the National Association of Realtors “homes with professional maintenance sell for an average of $2,000 more than homes that do not have regular upkeep”. It is important to keep your property looking its best and if you don’t have the time or resources then we hope this blog post will help!

While the initial cost for artificial turf may seem to be high, you must take into consideration the time and money saved on not having to irrigate or pay for lawn care services. The cost per square foot for artificial grass can range from $5 – $20 per square foot. There are many factors that go into determining the cost. 

The owner will reach out to everyone before their scheduled appointment and decide if the project will continue for that day or if it will be postponed due to heavy rains.

The type of artificial turf that suits your commercial property will depend on the climate you live in and how often it’s used. Synthetic grass is most common, but there are two types: polyethylene (PE) and nylon/polypropylene (PP).

The life of your turf will depend on a few factors. In general, you can expect to get around 20-30 years out of your artificial turf with regular maintenance and care.

Fairly new technology so there are still many unknowns (though scientific data is emerging) aesthetically not the same as natural turf.
Yes, you can. You’ll have to remove the soil and pack it down before installing your turf.

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