About Tampa’s Most Trusted Artificial Turf Company

Committed to Excellence, Service & Customer Satisfaction
Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass is your one-stop shop for all things related to artificial grass. Whether you’re looking for a complete lawn or just replacement turf, Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass has the solution. Artificial grass provides many benefits that natural grass can’t offer including: longer life, lower maintenance costs and more yard space.

Who We Are

Our artificial turf products are developed by leading synthetic grass manufacturers from the highest quality components in the world, making our suite of artificial lawns for playgrounds stronger, safer, and more realistic than other products on the market.
We are trying to achieve a natural look and feel for artificial grass while still providing the performance benefits that our customers need. Our team of experts will work with you closely on your project, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
Our products make perfect artificial grass for sports and education, including both professional fields of play and less formal use. We provide top-notch turf surfaces that can be used for landscaping or lawn care.


How can we help

We offer a wide selection of artificial grass surfaces to suit every purpose. Whether you need an artificial pet grass surface, sports field, or rooftop landscaping solution, we are there every step of the way from purchase through maintenance.
Our artificial grass product range has been designed to meet your garden’s needs. Whether you need a surface solution for artificial pet grass, sports, leisure, or rooftop landscaping, our experts are with you all the way. With our [years of experience], we’ll find a solution that is high quality and high performance, without being high maintenance.