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If you are in Tampa, Florida and want a dedicated play area for your beloved pets then artificial grass dog run or pet turf is the right option for you. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your furry friends wagging their tails with megawatt smiles on their faces. At Tampa Turf and Artificial Grass, we help you to create a conducive play area for your pets by providing the best synthetic grass that both you and your pet will love.

We understand it’s hard enough to maintain a backyard, and adding a playful dog to the equation makes it nearly impossible. Dogs are known to create muddy paw prints and ugly holes around the yard. But with synthetic grass designed with your pets in mind, you can sidestep all of the challenges associated with keeping a pet on natural grass.

No matter the temperament of your pet, its size or its tendency to become dirty, our artificial turf will create the most optimal environment for you and your pet to enjoy every moment together. Our synthetic pet grass will keep your pet clean from grass stains, dust, dirt and grass borne allergens. There are many samples to choose from including K9grass that is ideal for home or commercial use designed specifically with dogs as their main focal point. There’s no chance your dog can rip or tear up our synthetic pet grasses and can longer trek mud and dirt through the house. Plus your yard will always stay clean and odor free with the antimicrobial protection and flow through backing system our grasses have. Pet waste is easy to clean as well with our fake grasses. 


Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets

  • Advanced Drainage System: Our neatly designed and professionally installed pet turf is supported by a drainage layer that will carry away all urine, water and other liquid waste straight from the grass down to the area below. This eliminates the stress of having to do this manually as it is the case with natural grass.
  • Realistic Feel: Our artificial turf mimics real grass in appearance and texture. It is soft to the touch and won’t hurt your dog’s paws.
  • Non-toxic Infill and Turf: You don’t have to worry about exposing your pets to dangerous chemicals as all our pet turfs are free from toxins.
  • Eco-friendly: Synthetic grass is not just a great choice for animals, it’s highly beneficial to the environment as well. For example, synthetic turfs allow you to conserve water and eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers which helps achieve an environmentally friendly property.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass requires low maintenance. You don’t have to water, mow or do other typical yard maintenance tasks to keep a green, lush and inviting grass. This way, you have longer time to spend with your pet while you spend less time about lawn upkeep.


Indeed, fake turf is totally alright for pets. Counterfeit grass for pets is substantially more versatile than customary yards as it can withstand any mileage dispensed by the canine’s hooks, paws, or nails. Since the pet can’t burrow through counterfeit turf, numerous expert canine guests and pet proprietors pick utilizing fake grass for canines over conventional grass.
Pet turf establishment is an extraordinary method to establish a protected climate for pets and shield them from openness to destructive yard synthetic compounds. In contrast to natural grass, engineered grass doesn’t permit the development of weeds. So there’s no requirement for composts, herbicides, and synthetic substances used to slaughter weeds.
Indeed, canines cannot just play and move however much they might want, yet they can likewise pee on fake grass. Nonetheless, in contrast to normal grass, engineered turf doesn’t retain or breakdown every one of the parts of canine waste. The surface has a permeable sponsorship considering pet pee to leak through and channel away, however the canine poop will require manual cleaning and scooping, similarly as any natural yard upkeep. In the wake
In contrast to natural grass, fake grass won’t shrink and pass on when a canine urinates on it. It would help if you consistently hosed down the territory with water to fend off any waiting scent. Another choice is to introduce canine amicable assigned crap patches, which permits you to lift a tiny part of the fake grass and clean it thoroughly. These pet turf establishment highlights take into consideration the most extreme ingestion and depleting.
It is hard to inside and out eliminate bugs like bugs and ticks. Fake grass doesn’t take into consideration these parasites to live inside the grass edges. Nonetheless, it can’t ensure 100% end. While there is no dirt to help their settling, a collection of flotsam and jetsam and leaves can establish a favourable rearing climate. If you keep clean counterfeit grass, you can diminish the odds of bugs and ticks generally.
Hose down the territory in any event once every week to keep your yard liberated from any scent and awful stenches. Gather up the excrement and discard it in a dustbin as you would if there should arise an occurrence of a characteristic yard.
Canine proprietors will concur it isn’t unprecedented to discover your canine peeing in a similar detection each day. Make an answer of a balance of water and vinegar. Shower the territory with this characteristic blend and let it dry to dispose of any waiting scent.
Fake turf is logically detailed to stand the trial of time. Fake grass has existed for over 20 years. Engineered grass can withstand your pets and children running roughshod on its surface. With engineered grass, you don’t need to stress over mileage from pets. The pet turf will look cozy and energetic even following quite a while of openness to the components. Also, what’s better, it doesn’t need consistent preparing and taking care of like customary lawn.
Fake turf has a forthright expense. Yet, with every one of the expense investment funds in water and upkeep, it turns out to be free throughout the long term.
You can add a layer of infill underneath fake turf for canines. Pick an infill from piece elastic, sand, or silica granules. Most pet proprietors like to spend some extra on silica granules to spoil their fuzzy dearest companions.
Fake Grass gives you a dazzling delicate, and lavish feel under your feet, lasting through the year. There is no cutting, preparing, or toxic weed executioners required. Go through your ends of the week doing whatever you want and have excellent-looking grass consistently.
There are various sorts of artificial grass regarding the tallness, thickness, how sensible it looks, and so forth. Snap here to see the sorts of artificial grass we supply. Fake grass is otherwise called a fake yard, fake turf, manufactured grass, engineered turf, manufactured grass.
Brush your new lawn regularly to the opposite direction of the strands (weekly or twice a month) to remove debris.
Exactly like you’re walking barefoot on grass gives
If you’re dealing with solid waste: scoop it out when dry and rinse. If loose, remove and apply natural disinfectants or vinegar on the spot where the waste was.
Yes, it is! It can help you conserve water.
Artificial grass comes in shades of brown and green to mimic real grass color. It even has thatch to give you a realistic look.
Artificial turf lasts an average of 10-20 years.

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