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Developing something on top of the building instead of just around it can be an amazing way to bring some beautiful landscaping into the picture.
For example, many hotels choose to install rooftop gardens constructed with landscaping and artificial turf for a beautiful view from the inside.

What is an advantage of installing synthetic turf on rooftops?
Aesthetic appeal – people find it attractive to look at green space sitting high up in the sky.
Cooler temperatures – rooftops generally have a lower temperature.
Better natural lighting and air quality – rooftop gardens are often constructed with more windows for light to come in, creating better visibility as well as cleaner air.

Why Artificial Grass for your Rooftop?

Artificial grass has been used on rooftops for decades now, transforming an unused portion of a building’s rooftop into an outdoor space that can be used for recreation, relaxation or entertainment. Rooftops represent one of the last untouched spaces in urban areas and are often overlooked as potential green solutions to several environmental problems such as global warming and pollution. Adding artificial grass gives the look and feel of a real backyard without all the hassle and upkeep of an actual lawn and helps keep the environment clean. 

Done-For-You Artificial Turf

Outside of residential use, artificial turf has found a home in commercial buildings as well such as hotels with have rooftop bars and amenities or games like shuffleboard. Fake grass is a wonderful choice for poolside landscape solutions as well. Versatility and low cost make synthetic grass an attractive option to builders looking to save on construction costs while still providing green options for their customers. The idea behind these types of installations is that landscaping is not something that needs to be done all year round and there’s no need for loud, noisy lawn maintenance equipment either or monthly maintenance fees. 

Benefits of Roof, Deck and Patio Turf

Artificial turfs are usually soft, safe, easy to maintain, making it a perfect choice for outdoor patios, decks and rooftops. Here are some of the benefits of the applications of synthetic turf:

  • It serves as great amenity for restaurants, hotels, hospitals and apartment buildings
  • Helps bring people together and enhance social cohesion
  • Increase the value of your building
  • It absorbs sounds, providing a quieter environment inside and outside the building

Lasting Enhancement to your Patio & Decks

In addition to the rooftop, other parts of your home such as your deck, patio and the surrounding of your pool can equally benefit from artificial turf installation. We will help you transform these areas into lush and lavish outdoor living areas that will significantly enhance your quality of life by creating more usable and functional spaces. We pride ourselves on our ability to create several advantages for residential and urban life by providing greenery where there usually is none to be found.
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If you live in an area that has particularly hot summers, it’s important to know how to keep your turf from melting and cracking due to high temperatures. There are a few different options for this, one of which being installing underlayment beneath the artificial grass before installation as well as choosing the proper turf for your area.
Installing your own turf can be a daunting task, as there are many factors to consider that may not be apparent at first glance. The temperature of the area where you plan on installing it should always be taken into account- areas with hotter temperatures need artificial grass made from more durable material for example.
A ground preparation contractor can be of great help in this process, but if you have a small area to cover and are confident that your soil will not contain any contaminants or excessive moisture- it may work best for you to try installing turf on your own first before hiring someone else. To make sure that the installation goes well, it is best to get a sample to test your ground beforehand.
A base of a sand-peat mixture or decomposed granite will work best for artificial turf installation, and it’s also best to have it installed in areas where there are fewer insects because they can be attracted by the moisture that these types of installations typically contain.

We can install artificial turf for homes, commercial, rental or investment properties. 

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